Registration for 2023 is Open!

Registration for the 2023 Season is now OPEN!!! 

We're very excited for this year - we have been accepted to participate in SALT - the "Smallest Aquatics League in Texas". This means that our swimmers will have the opportunity to compete against 3 other teams throughout the season, with a league championship meet at the end of June before we move into the optional TAAF Regionals and State meets! 

If that isn't exciting enough - you all did so well with the fundraiser last year that we are purchasing 5 starting blocks for our pool! The starter blocks will help swimmers develop their diving and come with backstroke bars as well! Fantastic job to all participants and the help we received during our 2022 Swim-a-thon!!! 

We have not finalized dates, but we hope to have a full calendar posted here and published on our website once we have. We anticipate practices to be similar to last year - two sessions per evening Tuesday through Thursday. 

Finally, if you still owe fees for registrations, events for TAAF, or other activities from previous years, your swimmer's registration will be denied until those financial obligations are resolved. We'll be sending out reminders soon. 

We're looking forward to providing more information over the next few weeks as we rapidly approach swim season. We hope to see all our swimmers very soon! 

Go Wake!!!

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